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Wood flooring can last greater than a century, and also the finish can be simply restored if needed. Just getting wood flooring increases the need for your house.


Not very lengthy ago, the only real choice you’d was that old-fashioned wood tongue and groove strips in walnut or oak. Today, wooden flooring could be planks from old barns, exotic forest, pre-finished engineered wood strips which get rid of the dust and disruption of finishing on-site. You might have wood laminate floors, which is not wood, but appears like wood in a reduced hardwood flooring Dundee.

Wood floors, although beautiful, can not be used everywhere. They ought to be nailed to some sub-floor. This will make wood unacceptable to be used directly over concrete.


Adding a sub-floor between your concrete and also the wooden flooring might create a height problem in which the floor meets an adjoining room. Moisture causes wood to grow, therefore it is not appropriate in basements. Humidity can result in squeaking and buckling.

The popularity appears to become for house owners to purchase wooden flooring having a factory-applied finish. This eliminates dust from sanding, fumes from finishing, and waiting prior to the floor could be stepped onto. Another advantage would be that the factory finishes are often much tougher compared to memory used in the area.


The down-side of pre-finishing is the fact that since that floor does not get sanded after it’s installed, you will find slight bumps and dips in which the sub-floor is not perfectly level, where the flooring strips might vary slightly thick.

To cover these misalignments, flooring can be obtained with V grooves to ensure that when together, the perimeters aren’t touching and it is hard to notice any imperfections in alignment. With time, these V grooves will catch dirt and darken, being a prominent feature within the floor. Not my personal favorite scenario.


An additional advantage of finishing after installation is you can possess the floor stained the way you like. If you want the grain of oak, try not to look after the yellow-colored tone from the wood, you may make it amber, for instance. An expert finisher will understand how to enhance natural patina from the wood using steamed linseed oil or tung oil.

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